Titicaca Sea in Peru

When you get to visit the Titicaca Lake in Peru... it´s almost like when you get to visit the spot where sky meets earth!

Titicaca Lake in Peru, copyright: Kristian Peetz

Magnum´s new Idea...

Church of the Society of Jesus (Cusco, Peru)

Church of the Society of Jesus (Cusco, Peru)
"La Iglesia de la Compañia de Jesus" in Cusco was built around 1576 and you will find it near the Plaza de Armas.
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Arco de Santa Clara (St. Clara Arch) in Cusco, Peru

Quadcopter video footage

Check out this amazing video footage made with a quadcopter... the possibilities are just endlessly for this kind of videos!

FCTN Product Test 003: DJI Phantom from FCTN on Vimeo.


Macros of Eyes


Depth of Field and Lens effects

A very good explanation of the DOF and the effect of diverse lenses on it. If you want to understand the topic... watch this one!

National Geographic photographers talk about their life and work

A tour through the Sigma Factory

So, that´s the way they do it :-)

Google Maps Engine Lite

Cinematic Artwork... fantastic!

This is a beautiful piece of visual arts made with 80.000 single pictures! 3 Years of work of the photographer and filmmaker Gioacchino Petronicce made this wonderful cinematic stop motion result possible... enjoy!

PICTURES from Gioacchino Petronicce on Vimeo.


Lightroom 5: Top 10 Hidden Gems

Lightroom 5: Advanced Healing Brush

HDR by Trey Ratcliff

Alster Lake, Hamburg

Berlin, Berlin!

View of the Deutsche Bundestag in Berlin

And then you see an Icebear!

The proof!! :-)


Unbelievable underwater photography by Vitaliy Sokol

Check out these awesome shots of airplanes flying in front of the Sun and Moon.

The future of cinemas

Hands-on Photo Tip: Non-destructive Editing in Photoshop

The Coolest Trick for Working With Skies in Lightroom

#Photowalk in Hamburg

St. Katharinen Church in Hamburg


A Letter to Mr. Zuckerberg

Google+ #AutoEnhance just got even better!