YIKES! Worst nightmare for a photographer.... (video)


As someone who really loves to walk around a city searching for motives... this kind of videos really scare the sh*t out of me :-(...

Just check the two guys with the hats... and now, watch again... in just seconds they manage to de-mount the lense from the camera and by creating a small chaos of people... one of the guys with hats on just takes it away leaving the photographer with an empty cam.

So, what do we learn about this? Always have a second lense with ya :-)

No, but fun appart, always take care of your gear and avoid to walk alone in places that seem strange and lonely... there´s almost nothing as frustrating for a photographer than to be travelling and having his gear stolen...

By the way.... just some months ago I wrote ablog with some little help to find your cam back! Check it here. Ok, it does not work for lenses... but in a normal case you just dont get your lenses stolen... ussually they would take the whole pack with them :-(

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