Place to be right now...

Beach in Peru - Copyright Kristian Peetz
As the summer is striking hard in Europe and we´re dancing around the 30°... this picture I took in a beach Peru some years ago came into my mind as an inspiration to close the office soon today :-)

Video: Subway - Rush hour in Beijing

So... when taking the subway or the bus in your city you´re sometimes annoyed that you cannot find a seat to sit on? Well, imagine not finding a place to stand and breathe!

Crazy world....


Central Station in Hamburg (Hauptbahnhof)

Central Station (Hauptbahnhof) in Hamburg - Copyright by Kristian Peetz
The central station in Hamburg (a.k.a. Hauptbahnhof) is the second busiest railway station in Europe (first one is Gare du Nord in France). It has an average of 450.000 (!!) passengers per day and was built in the beginning of the last century. If you wanna see all sort of people masses from all over the world moving around... it´s the place to go :-)

Video: Wow!!

Just imagine yourself doing some snorkeling in the beach and suddenly....

... swoooooosh! A once-in-a-lifetime moment!


Getting really hot around here...

cold beer at the beach - copyright Kristian Peetz
... so, if at the beach... find a way to keep your beer cold :-)



Shark - copyright by Kristian Peetz
... if you ever see this shadow above your head... no good...

Canon´s Image Stabilization System

... if you ever wondered how the mechanics of the Canon´s Image Stabilization work... check this video:

Image Stabilization Revealed from Camera Technica on Vimeo.

More info about it here.

Always nice to see how thing work :-)


YIKES! Worst nightmare for a photographer.... (video)


As someone who really loves to walk around a city searching for motives... this kind of videos really scare the sh*t out of me :-(...

Just check the two guys with the hats... and now, watch again... in just seconds they manage to de-mount the lense from the camera and by creating a small chaos of people... one of the guys with hats on just takes it away leaving the photographer with an empty cam.

So, what do we learn about this? Always have a second lense with ya :-)

No, but fun appart, always take care of your gear and avoid to walk alone in places that seem strange and lonely... there´s almost nothing as frustrating for a photographer than to be travelling and having his gear stolen...

By the way.... just some months ago I wrote ablog with some little help to find your cam back! Check it here. Ok, it does not work for lenses... but in a normal case you just dont get your lenses stolen... ussually they would take the whole pack with them :-(

Sometimes... you just gotta swim!

Frog in the rain / copyright by Kristian Peetz

Indeed :-)


Movies vs Life

Allthough this post has almost nothing to do with photography, I had a good laugh today :-)

Have fun :-)

Motion Controlled System for Time-Lapses from Revolve

Time-lapse videos are really en vogue nowadays and by watching some of them you really get to know why: they are an amazing eye-candy for the viewer :-)
Beeing able to observe how the fog of a city vanishes through the hours or how the stars move (actually the earth is moving...) is something that some years ago was only possible with very expensive systems. Today you can just use your DSLR and put it on timer mode, positioning it somewhere for some hours and voila... you can easily convert the images taken into a movie.

Some examples of nice timelapses:

(this one was made by some friends of mine)

or this one:

Adrift from Simon Christen on Vimeo.

But besides capturing the movement of things from a solid point of view (like video 2)... you can add some creative views by moving the camera´s positon, too (like video 1)! Therefore you need a so-called slider or a system which lets you move the camera smoothly, adding some perspective motion to the images.

Well, there are many motorized systems in the market which allow you to get this movements but most of them are pretty expensive. Building it up yourselve is a solution, too... (check here for y DIY video) but if you´re not into electronics and don´t have the necessary tools... it will just be frustrating.

Yesterday I got an email from Jeremy Canterbury, one of the guys behind RevolveCamera, presenting me one new system they are going to produce which could make time-lapse producing easier and affordable. For those who don´t know the company, they are the guys behing a successful kickstarter campaign last year which ended up in producing a very nice camera dolly.

Their new product is a motion controlled system for sliders and dollies. They call it RAM (Revolve Automated Motion) and this is how it looks like:

Allthough motorized sliders are nothing really new in the market there are 2 details about this one that I do like very much: you can attach it to any slider on the market. So, you´re not glued to a certain brand or product. That´s what I call flexibility... and the pricetag (starting at 299 USD) is also appealing. That´s what I call affordability... :-)

So, let´s hope the guys get their project pledged and perhaps you´ll make your own time-lapse video soon!

This here is the Kickstarter Video about the product:



So... you wanna dance?

Just a bit of fun :-)

Saw this little guy while walking along the Alster Lake... and he made such a funny pose... I could not stand!

Colca Canyon in Peru

This is a shorty I made while beeing in the Colca Canyon in Peru, back in 2011. It was not only very inspirational because of its depth (4.160 meters), but also because of the really stunning imagery and landscapes. And watching condors soaring through the air was an incredible experience, too!

Check out more of the pictures I made there here: http://www.latin-point.com/peru.html