How lenses are manufactured

Ever wondered how lenses are produced? You know... this beautiful and fantastic engineered pieces of glass you put infront of your cam and that you almost keep forever? Changing bodies is something you do often, specially since DSLR came out. But lenses? You read reviews, you check pixel-peeping sites, you troll around them in the store like a cat around the mouse... till you decide: ok, I know it´s expensive, BUT I neeeedit!! :-)

Good lenses stay a long time with you. So, let´s check how they are manufactured:

Nikon lenses

Canon lenses (in this pecial case the 500 mm F/4L)

Leica lenses

Leica Lenses (English) from Leica Camera on Vimeo.

Quite amazing what they can produce out of a bit of "white dust" :-).

By the way... would you know that a Canon 6D takes only 40 minutes to assemble? That´s what I call efficiency!

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