Impressions of Bali

This year I had the pleasure of visiting Bali, Java and Lombok (Indonesia). When you hear Bali you almost instantly think of beautiful beaches, relaxed shores and really great landscapes... let me tell you: yeah, it´s true! :-)
I experienced Bali as a fantastic island full of very friendly people and astonishing images. The beaches were truly fantastic and if you go a bit away from the touristic centers of Denpasar... you will find magic places! It really depends on you... take a car (or motorcycle) and drive around a bit.
Java, the island to the left of Bali is completely different... the landscapes are rougher and you´ll find many vulcanoes worth visiting. But don´t make the mistake to underestimate the distances: travelling trough the places takes a very looooong time! What seems just to be a 5 hours trip on Google Maps turns out to be at least 24 hours because of the traffic jams.
Lombok (on the right side of Bali) is, and almost all people say this, what Bali used to be 20 years ago: untouched nature and few touristic centers. I will write a detailed report about this trip in the next weeks. For now I have a bit of images I took there. Still have to work myself through more than 4.000 images, though...

Gunung Kawi Temple, Bali

Sunset at Tanah Lot temple, Bali

Brambanan Temple, Java

View of the Gunung Agung vulcano as seen from the beach at Lombok

Brambanan Temple, Java

Tanah Lot temple, Bali

Sunset at Legian Beach, Bali

Typical carved decorations of the temples, Bali

Typical boat found in the beaches of Bali
More images of this trip can be found at my Flickr and my homepage soon.


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