Lightroom: a collection of Presets


One of the big features of Adobe Lightroom is the possibility of using presets or filters in the development module. Allthough there are some nice ones build in right when you install it, there are far more possibilities beeing produced by fellow users. One site where I have found some nice ones is the following:


Check them out and if you like one... just download and import it into Lightroom. You can use it immediately and give your images some new looks. By the way... you can always change the settings of all presets, so if you apply one of them to your image and are not quite happy with some details, you can go to the right panel and change the different parameters. And, as with all of the filters in Lightroom: the filters change the whole image, so if you just want to change some local spots you will have to open it in Photoshop.

Have fun!

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