Here she is: Canon 6D

Canon 6D

Canon 6D

Yesterday canon presented it´s new entry Full Frame Camera: the Canon 6D. Specs are available on the Canon homepage, so I will not list them down. Allthough it doesn´t come with some mindblowing new technology there are some new gadgets that are worth mentioning:
- incorporated GPS device
- WIFI device

EOS Remote App & Canon 6D

The GPS device will be very welcomed by nature and landscape Photographers, cause it will make the geo-tagging more easier. The WIFI capability will not only give you the chance to transfer the images without a cable to another device, it will also give you the possibility to control your DSLR with a mobile phone! Check it here. Allthough it´s not available yet, it should be coming to the app-market very soon.

Here´s the Promo-Video from Canon:

So... will it be such a success as the 7D or the 5DII ? I am not sure... but it sure brings some new capabilities which shows us the way the DSLR are going to go in the next years.


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