Here she is: Canon 6D

Canon 6D

Canon 6D

Yesterday canon presented it´s new entry Full Frame Camera: the Canon 6D. Specs are available on the Canon homepage, so I will not list them down. Allthough it doesn´t come with some mindblowing new technology there are some new gadgets that are worth mentioning:
- incorporated GPS device
- WIFI device

EOS Remote App & Canon 6D

The GPS device will be very welcomed by nature and landscape Photographers, cause it will make the geo-tagging more easier. The WIFI capability will not only give you the chance to transfer the images without a cable to another device, it will also give you the possibility to control your DSLR with a mobile phone! Check it here. Allthough it´s not available yet, it should be coming to the app-market very soon.

Here´s the Promo-Video from Canon:

So... will it be such a success as the 7D or the 5DII ? I am not sure... but it sure brings some new capabilities which shows us the way the DSLR are going to go in the next years.



Artist Rising

Well, today I have the honour of being featured as an Photographer at www.artistrising.com ... thank you very much :-)

Featured Artist at www.artistrising.com: Kristian Peetz
You may find my (still small) photography gallery there at:


Enjoy :-)


Ansel Adams (historical Video)

If you´re into Photography, then the name of Ansel Adams will surely tell you something. Recognized as one of the historical Masters of Photography he is widely known as one of the inventors of the Zone System which determines the optimal film exposure. Here are two videos from 1957 which just have been digitalized showing an insight into the work of Ansel Adams:

Part 1:

Part 2:


Lightroom 4: workflow (Video)

And for the ones using Lightroom as their prefered tool... here´s a good video showing the workflow! The same preparations as with the one about Photoshop CS6 are valid here, too :-)


Photoshop CS6: workflow (Video)

If you´re one of the proud owners of the newest Adobe Photoshop CS6 then this video about the workflow with it should be very helpful! It´s quite long (almost 2 hours) so be prepared to get yourself a good cup of coffee and some cake... but it´s worth it!



Photoshop: the golden ratio crop tool

You will surely have heard about the Golden Ratio Rule which is still a widely used rule of proportions in arts. It´s supposed to give the viewer a very nice feeling when watching something. While you could do it manually in Photoshop, I have found a very nice script which makes it automatically in PS. Check it out:


Have fun!

Photoshop Tips

When working with Photoshop there are always trillions of ways to achieve the desired effect... so, here are some very useful tips for getting some of them:

Have fun!