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The blue moon

So, if you would like to watch the Blue Moon tonight and, as in my case, the sky is too clowdy... here´s a good link to watch the whole thing online:



Blue Moon (NASA, Marshall Space Flight Center, 12/20/10)

Instagram, iphone & wedding

This photographer made the whole wedding shooting with an iPhone & Instagram... and the results are very appealing! Check for yourself:


Making a video from your Instagram pictures

If you´re into Instagram, perhaps you have been thinking about a way to make a movie out of your pictures there. Well, you could export them from your mobile to your PC and make the movie there... or... which is much more easier, you could use www.animoto.com. They have built in the feature for automatically importing your pictures from your Instagram account and make a movie out of them. There are many options you can choose (background music, effects, and the whole yaddayadda). In the free version your videos can be a max. of 30 seconds and after you produce them you can share them to all your social networks. I think it´s a funny and interesting way to present your pictures. Here´s my first try:

Make your own slideshow at Animoto.

By the way, if you want to follow me on instagram... my name there is latin_point or you can view my pictures here: http://statigr.am/latin_point

Have fun :-)

NASA Spies Fifth Atlantic Hurricane and Twelfth Tropical Depression

And from above all looks so peacefull and quiet...



swan, originally uploaded by Latin-Point.

a majestic swan on the lake Alster in Hamburg


lighthouse, originally uploaded by Latin-Point.

old lighthouse in the north of germany


carroussel, originally uploaded by Latin-Point.

always keep the child in your heart alive :-)

right moment, right place

right moment, right place, originally uploaded by Latin-Point.

caught the moment where a swan flew over some sheep


sheep, originally uploaded by Latin-Point.

a friendly sheep enjoying the warm sun :-)

hamburg central station

hamburg central station, originally uploaded by Latin-Point.

another instagram view of the central station in hamburg

hamburg central station

hamburg central station, ursprünglich hochgeladen von Latin-Point

Instagraming :-)