Live video-feed of planet earth

Planet Earth image courtesy of NASA

Just imagine beeing able to watch a realtime-feed of any zone of the earth you want to... at any time you want to... and beeing able to zoom/record it? You could witness any move or situation in the world just as it happens...

Sounds crazy? Well, there is a new company called URTHECAST trying to achieve exactly that: live video-feed of the earth via HD-Cams posted in space on satelites. With Google-Earth you can view static images of the planet and do a bit of tourism and research, which is great! But... doing the same with live  video-feed would be amazing!

This video below is a short presentation of the project:

I am not sure how flexible this system will be in terms of optical perspective or moving around as you please... but the idea of beeing able to watch an event from outer-space live kind of thrills me :-)

Let´s see how far they get with this project!


Google Project Glass - coming soon! (UPDATE)

Google: Project Glass
As I posted some weeks ago there were some rumours making the round about Google working on some new device in form of a HUD glass which would be connected to the internet and work as an interface for Augmented Reality. Well, the news is out that this rumour was indeed real and Google is really working on such a device.
As Techcrunch and The New York Times report Google is testing this new device which should look like a very stylish glass and offer you data displaying it right infront of your eyes. Here´s the official video presenting the idea:

It looks very futuristic, but the idea of walking around with some glasses with the possibilities shown here makes my techy heart pump up higher! :-)

On the other side there are many points that could go wrong with such a device... Tom Scott produced a video showing them:

Don´t take it too serious... but besides the humoristic soul of the video, wearing such a distracting device could be a problem. Let´s see what the future brings!


And don´t forget... Big G is a company that needs to make profits, so this video shows how it could look like... with a bit of humour, of course :-)