Video Tutorial: working with the blend mode SCREEN

Blending Modes in Photoshop

If you work with Photoshop you know what the layers are. If not... then you should :-)

Well, while almost all the time when you work with layers you will be using the blend mode "normal", there are certain situations where you can achieve some very good effects when using another blend mode. For example the blend mode SCREEN has got some very interesting results, specially when dealing with the colour black! In a few words: the screen blending mode makes the blacks transparent!

Knowing this you can introduce graphical elements into your image and make them look natural, cause the surroundings will get transparent.

Below you will find two Video Tutorials from Gavin Hoey showing two different ways to use this blending mode:

And the second one:

As you can learn here blending modes can be very usefull if you know how to use them right!


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