Tracking airplanes online!

Airplanes routes live tracking - www.flightradar24.com

One of the amazing things you can do using Google Maps features is to show things happening in the world from a geographical point of view. With all the data (incl. Geo-Data) that is available in the internet the guys over at www.flightradar24.com have linked the information of airplanes flying with their current location on Google Maps.
It´s stunning to be able to track every single airplane during his flight from A to B. But not only can you follow the flight, you can also access detail information about the flight:

Detailed data of an airplane - www.flightradar24.com
You get:
- the airline
- the flight nr.
- the route
- the type of airplane incl. picture
- the current altitude/speed
- and even the radar code

So, the next time you bring somebody to the airport and say goodbye... you can get home and visually track his/her flight! From take-off till landing.

And if anybody is member of http://flightdiary.net/ ... well, then another area of our live becomes social: you can even track the users flying!

Another aspect of this data-visualization is to get an idea of HOW MANY AIRPLANES are flying at the same time... amazing!

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