The New iPad: it´s here!

The New iPad - Official Press Image by Apple

Yesterday Apple unveiled their newest iPad: "the New iPad". It´s not called iPad 3, just (new) iPad. Just shy 2 years after the iPad 2 this new tablet presented yesterday evening brings up some interesting specs, check:

- a new Retina Display with 2048 x 1536 pixels (which is more than HDTV and 4x more than the iPad 2)
- a 5 megapixel cam and the ability to record HD movies (1080p)
- 4G LTE + UMTS/GSM HSPA and yaddayadda for connecting to the world
- a hotspot capability

for more specs, check here.

And here´s the video presentation:

Seems like a very nice designed product (as almost all of Apple´s products) and the specs look quite right. Specially the Retina Display which lets you enjoy images almost as if you where watching them on paper... but clean & crispy makes this device a potential option for Photographers on the Field. Let´s see how it will perform against all the other tablets on the market.

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