How to fold a lightning cube or box

Lightning boxes or cubes or light tents are really cool for product shots. You get an even light all over the place and it makes cutting out with Photoshop very easy. They are not expensive to buy and they are actually part of the standard repertoire of gear in a photo-studio. This is not terrific new... but, if you have ever found yourself in the position of having to transport it or store it back into its tiny bag... well, then, if you´re not experienced with folding it... you may make a very funny figure by trying to do it. Better don´t have no persons around you... cause they may laugh a lot :-))))

As this has happened to me more than once... here´s a little video showing you the right way to fold the lightning box back to its bag:

Next time you have to store it back... let some one else do it... and have the laughs yourself :-)

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