DSLR-Video shooting: How to Increase the Dynamic Range of your Canon 7D

Increasing the dynamic range oy the DSLR for shooting video
If you have ever ventured into the field of shooting video with your DSLR, well, sometimes you may have gotten dissapointed about the results: dull video footage, fade colours and bad exposure (blown highlights or noisy shadows).
Here´s the good news: it´s not you... at least no directly :-). In the case of the Canon 7D (and this goes for almost all the other DSLR with video capabilities) the sub-prime images are the result of the standard algorythm  that is implemented in your cam. This standard is supposed to get the best videos of all the average situations. This way, 90% of the consumers will be happy. But, if you get to get into lightning situations that do differ from the average ones (low light or unequally balanced light sources) then the algorythm gets into trouble.
One way to solve this problem is to implement a higher Dynamic Range into your footage. Trying to do this in the post-edit stage would take you too much time and pc-power... so, is there a way to do it while shooting the video?
The answer is: YES. By uploading different user presets into your cam you can alter the algorythm of the cam and get out more details and increase your colour/light range. This way your images will have more details and less blown highlights or noisy shadows.

Photographer Luka on Vimeo has made a (sometimes humorous :-) video explaining this issue and showing how to transfer a new preset to your Canon DSLR:

How to increase the Canon 7D dynamic range (Tutorial) from Luka on Vimeo.

At the end of the clip he shows some examples of how dramatic the changes can be.


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