360 Cities: a 360° view of places

Looking down from the EIffel Tower in Paris - www.360cities.net
If you ever wanted to see how it looks like to be on the Eiffel Tower in Paris or in Machu Pichu, Peru... but just don´t have the time or money to travel there... well, this is no teleporter, but a amazing way of seeing what you would see if you where there in person!
The site called 360cities.net allows you exactly that: with amazing 360° panoramic photographies of wonderful places all over the world you feel like you would be right there cause you can pan around as if you were turning your head around and looking.

View from Eiffel Tower in Paris

There are tons of stunning panoramas on the site and even a How-To section which can help you to produce such amazing pictures by yourself:

Part 1:

The rest of the tutorials are linked to this video at the end.


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