Pinterest: the next new Hype?? (Video update) (Copyright topic Update!)

While checking the media news I have found much talk about this site: Pinterest

(Logo of Pinterest.com)
So, what is all the hype about it? Techcrunch is reporting some 10 mill unique U.S. users monthly, which would make it the fastest growing standalone site ever in history! Well, when there is smoke out there... there must be some fire. For now you can only get in by invitation, so I requested mine today and am waiting for it to arrive. So, no insights details right now.
The site works quite as an online Board, where you can virtually pin items you find on the large ocean of the internet. For doing this you get a little Java-Script which you have to install into your browser and every time you find an interesing item (for the time beeing this only works with pictures) you just pin it (hence the name: pinterest) and then you choose under which category it will be shown to the other users (photography, cooking, travel, games or whatever topic).

So, the result is a giant pin-board, divided into labes/topics/categories where you will find pictures and you may comment, follow and yadda yadda. Same as the other social platforms.

So, what´s the difference?
At first sight it seems all a bit more organized and it´s easy to find navigate to trough your favourite topic cause you just have images to see. Not much text to read, just consuming with your eyes. You just point your mouse to the picture and click. Imagine a giant magazine/catalogue full of pictures... that´s it!

So, what´s the point?
For the social users this site offers an easy way to share pictures about their most loved topics (my baby, my pet, my car...), where they can comment each others. It´s kind of talking in pictures. On the business side it could get interesting cause as the pictures are grabbed from somewhere else (for example from your travel agency site... some cute Bahamas Beach images pinned in the topic "Places I would love to travel to") and the users are beeing suggested to not only pin the image but also provide the URL-link of the place they found it... it could drive traffic back to your site. It´s all about marketing :-)

So, what´s the point for photographers?
Read above. There is for example a category "Pictures/Posters"... hmmm... does it ring in your mind? :-)

We will see if this site really gets to grow or if it is just a hype as there has been much of it in the last years. I´ll keep ya informed!


As my invitation hasn´t still arrived and I cannot log in, here I found an interesting Video Tutorial about how to use Pinterest:


I still have not gotten my invitation for being part of Pinterest, but I have found some very interesting discussions and articles about the possible Copyright Problems of just pinning the images you find elsewhere to Pinterest. One of the best Blog posts I found was the one of well-known microstock photographer Sean Locke, check it here!

It seems than just pinning pictures without getting the permission of the owner could be problematic! Will follow the discussions and post the results here.


Well, I´m in :-)... right now learning how to use it... seems fun! Want to follow me there? Here´s my profile on Pinterest!

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