Photoshop Touch for Ipad: editing on the go!

Adobe Photoshop Touch

Now that everything goes mobile and more and more people are working on mobile devices like the IPad or other Tablets Adobe has hear the signs and introduces Photoshop Touch... and even for an affordable price tag: $9,99!
Allthough image editing tools for tablets are no new invention (there are plenty of it on the market), the new Photoshop Touch brings some know features of the traditional Photoshop CS along:

* working with layers
* selection tools
* effects and filters
* filter brushes
* edge aware painting
* tone and colour adjustments
* and one thing I particularly find great: you can save your file in a Photoshop compatible format (!)

Beside this features it also lets you share through your files straight through Facebook, watch incorporated tutorials and many other goodies.

So, now you can edit your images on the go using your known Photoshop tools and if you want to get deeper into retouching them, you can get home, transfer the file and keep on editing on your home pc.

I think this is a great move from Adobe and this could be another performance enhancer for photographers needing to edit their pictures faster, for example Press Photographers.

You can see watch an official Adobe video about it here:

By the way: this does not only work on the IPad, but on Android Tablets, too!

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