Photoshop CS6: Sneak Preview

One of the greatest features Adobe gave Photoshop in the last version (CS5) was the "Content Aware" Technique (check a video about it here). Using this method you could mark some part of the image which was bothering you (for example you waited a long time till some place was empty... and right in the moment you push down the shutter... a tourist just jumps into the picture) and *voila* the space was filled with an algorithm: tourist gone, nice and fitting background replaces him. This feature is really awesome and safes a lot, lot of time of cloning and stamping. Allthough it is not perfect, it´s as close to efficiency as one can get right now. I really love it... and even have a nickname for it

"Tourist Eraser" :-)

Well, this was CS5. Now Adobe is leaking a bit of information about the features the new CS6 (which should come out this year) has got and the have published a short video about it on their YouTube Channel:

Seems like Adobe is going a big step ahead with this feature!

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