Photoshop CS6: Sneak Preview (continued)

While everybody is hoping and waiting for Adobe to release their Creative Suite CS6 sometime this year (2012) there are more and more details about enhancements of Photoshop (part of the Creative Suite) leaking. As this come from the official Photoshop Youtube Channel, you can trust they are for real.
Last week I posted about the new features the Content Aware function was getting, which indeed are awesome!
The next Sneak Preview shows other areas of Photoshop beeing worked on: Background Save & Liquify Tool.

Background Save: all of us who have ever handled a large PSD file know how performance lowering it is when you have (or should!) save the file to disk. The bigger the file is the more time consuming it gets to put it on the hard drive. And during the process of saving Photoshop is blocked. You cannot handle nothing else on PS during this. Well, it seems Adobe heard the voices and they have enhanced the Save to Disk process by alowing background saving! That means you will be able to save the file to disk and while this is ocurring you will be free to work on PS and do whatever else you have to do. No more blocking and time loosing! This is a great performance enhancement, kuddos for that!

Liquify Tool: when using the Liquify Tool on big files you will notice that the opening of the Liquify Panel takes some time and whatever you perform on that panel is somehow slowy... even with a powerfull PC it is kind of remembering the times where PCs just could not handle the pressure of the software... Here, again, Adobe is working on some enhancements and the new Liquify Tool presents itself as fast as any other Filter of PS. No more Deja Vus of the pre-2000 era. It should be fast and performing!

Both of this new enhancements will drive up the performance of Photoshop a big deal and will be very welcomed by the users. Keep on doing this things, Adobe :-)

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