Happy Valentine & Friendship´s Day for Everybody!

If you read this Blog post by Bronnie Ware (which went viral some months ago) about the 5 regrets of the Dying you will find that Nr. 4 relates to Friendship. While beeing busy with our own lives we often tend to neglect keeping our relationships fresh. But, as time goes by, we get to learn that the real thing in life is about relationships, friendships and love. Even the whole Internet is actually about this: sharing! We find satisfaction and happiness when we´re able to share our feelings, have a good conversation, have a fun time... with some else! So, go out and grab your contact list, check who are really important for you and call them. That´s it, just as easy and you´ll find yourselve sharing your feelings, having a good conversation or having a fun time.


Have a great day!

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