Hamburg: Alster Lake frozen! Alstereisvergnügen! (Updated with more pictures)

After 15 years it´s the first time that the Alster Lake in Hamburg (Germany) celebrates the "Alstereisvergnügen". Due to the hard (brrrr...) winter this time the ice was thick enough for the authorities to let the people party on the biggest lake of Hamburg, the Alster. Almost 1 million people will visit it over this weekend!

(Lake Alster in Hamburg 2012)
You may find the Alster lake here on Google Maps:


Here are some more images from the frozen Alster and one of the port of Hamburg today:

(Binnenalster in Hamburg 2012)

(Binnenalster in Hamburg 2012)

(Port of Hamburg and the river Elbe frozen, 2012)

It was freaking cold to take them :-)

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