Google HUD glasses coming soon?

Remember the cool scenes of Terminator scanning the whole place with his eyes and getting info displayed on his eye-field?

 Well, today while strawling in the net I found a very intersting article about the rumour of a HUD glass from Google. Actually I don´t think such a device should be impossible to make (think of all the development the socalled "augmented reality" has done lately)... the question for me is: does mankind need something like this? Imagine all the people on the streets walking around but actually beeing in their minds in some other virtual world... hmmm... me not like the idea.
On the other side I think that there would be some very cool uses for this kind of devices. Will track the issue and keep you informed!


Allthough not beeing real this video shows an example of how it could be like walking around with one of these on your nose... interesting!

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