Flickr: they heard the signs...

In the last weeks there has been a lot of discussions about the future of Flickr. Once the Big Boy in the field of pictures it has been getting serious competition from others like Facebook, Google+ and even the new kid in town, Pinterest. And take into account that this sites are not specifically made for photographies! They are social platforms in which one of the perks is to share pictures. If you want to look for an alternative site which is made specially for images than you can find 500px or 1x.com . All of them just seem to be a bit better than Flickr when handling images. Actually sad... since Flickr has been around a long, long time (founded 2002) and should have the so-called First Mover Advantage.
Allthough beeing still one of the biggies in terms of amount of pictures saved in their databases (as of August 2011: 6 Billion pictures) Flickr had not done any innovations (at least not big ones) in the last years. Their platform still looks like it did some years ago and if you compare the features and gadgets you get at the other places... well, it looks a bit "old" or even "forgotten".
The news today is that Flickr is going to revamp some of its features:

* new photo-stream design
* new uploading feature
* and a justified View (very similiar to Pinterest)

All of this shall be online March 2012. Let´s see if this new features stop the decline and make the site a bit more pleasant to use. Let´s not forget that Flickr has got the biggest collection of geo-tagged images in the internet (about 170 million images) and one of the most friendly APIs out there. This are some gems that should/must be leveraged!

Let´s see.

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