Facebook: New Lightbox Viewer

Today I first saw the brand new lightbox viewer for images on Facebook:

(New lightbox Viewer in Facebook)
 This new feature was rumoured some days ago (here) and it finally has arrived. It remembers me a lot (!) about the G+ Image Viewing Mode, but I guess it´s just the best way to view images (dark out everything around the image) so nobody´s here to blame, G+ was just faster :-)

My opinion about this new feature? Very welcomed! Now watching the pictures is way more pleasant. You can still mark, tagg, share and yadda yadda it... but now your eyes are not distracted by all the other things there. One thing that G+ has and Facebook does not is the possibility to check the images details (EXIF and Histogramm), but I guess the average Facebook user does not care about it. And in G+ you can turn off the download option... in Facebook it´s on. So... the same I blogged long ago (here) is still valid: if you care about what will happen to your pics then don´t upload Hi-Res pics and keep them watermarked. 

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