DSLR Simulator

DSLR-Simulator by CameraSim

When talking to someone who has never held a DSLR in his/her hands it is often difficult to explain in a simple way the technical correlations of the several parameters you have on your DSLR (Shutterspeed, Aperture, ISO, Focal Lenght, etc.). One way to do it is taking the DSLR in your hands and going out to the field with the person, explain some basics and shoot, shoot, shoot. After that check the images together and give some explanations.
Another way I have found is this handy Online DSLR Simulator created by Jon Arnold! Play a bit with the sliders and you will get (ok, non perfect... but you get the picture) your image with the adjusted parameters:

So, next time you want to explain a DSLR to a Noob in a very basic way... use this tool. It´s fun!

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