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mypermissions.org - Check whom you have granted access to your data

With all the different social-platforms (Facebook, G+, Flickr, Twitetr, LinkedIn, DropBox, Instagramm, etc.) we are using every day... sometimes we forget to WHOM we granted WHAT Permissions to have access to our DATA in what Social-Platform.
Specially when we are new to a social service we tend to check and test all the features available. We find a new App or Gadget, perhaps cause a friend recommended it to us or cause we read somewhere that it was cool to use. So, we granted this App access to our data on Facebook or Twitter or whatever. But, as time goes by, we learn more and more about data usage by the platforms and perhaps we would like to get back control over the data we are sharing through them.
Well, as this platforms and services live and exist because of OUR data it is a command of sanity and security to check what kind of accesses we have granted to them. Many of them just don´t make it easy to find where you can opt in or (and this is more important!) opt out the access to your data.
This is why an israel based entrepeneur got the idea to summarize the direct links to the (sometimes deep hidden) places in the Social Platforms where you can easily check to whom you have granted access to your data. Just visit the link below and be prepared to be surprised and check out what long-forgotten permissions you granted long time ago!

Link: mypermissions.org

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