Camera lost or stolen? Find it back!

With most DSLR equipment beeing quite expensive it´s always a financial (and emotional!) tragedy to loose the camera or the bag containing the lenses...
Allthough there are many services offering insurances for this kind of items most people don´t have them insured. So, if they get stolen... they are gone and the chance to get them back is almost zero. A big part of the stolen equipment if often re-sold very quickly through the internet and you have almost no chance to recognize them cause the key-ID of the cam (the Serial-Nr.) is not beeing published within the offers of for example Ebay.
But there is something many people don´t know: the Serial-Nr. of your camera leaves a digital finger-print on every single picture you take with it. This data is saved within the EXIF-Data of the image. This is valid for almost all newer cameras in the market.
So, if someone steals your camera... and takes pictures with it... and publishes them on the Internet... well, then there is a big chance for you to at least get a clue where your beloved camera could be!
Two services I know offer this: you can register your Serial-Nr. within their database and in the case of loosing the cam, they will crawl the Internet screening for pictures with your Serial-Nr. embedded.

Of course this does not work if the EXIF-Data image has been ripped-off the file or if the thieve does not upload any images to the internet, but it gives you at least a chance to find it back.

By the way: Do you know what would be really emotional negative? To find images made with your camera online... and find out that the thieve is a much better photographer than you :-))))

Here are the Links to this 2 Services to find stolen cameras online:

1. http://www.stolencamerafinder.com/
2. http://cameratrace.com/


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