To Watermark or not... continued

Some time ago I wrote my opinion about watermarking or not your pictures when putting them online (see my blog). This has been a very discussed topic in almost any of the online platforms I visit, where people put pictures online. And, as always... there are diverging opinions.
Allthough he wrote it some time ago, I found today a very interesting post from photographer Jim Goldstein in his blog about it. Give it a read... it´s good!



Just to give you an example of what can happen to a picture if you just let it loose:

Click on the image to make it large
I took this picture long ago with my first digital cam, Canon G2, back in 2005. I was at the beach and thought "Hey, just write down miss you on the sand!" and took a picture.

At that time I was not really aware of the dynamic ways a picture can go through the web, so I posted it without a watermark. So, what happened during this short time lapse (after some months I began to watermark every single file) where it could be copied without having probs? You guess it... it was copied! Allthough it was strictly stated that this is my intelectual property, my copyright and "thou shall not copy" yaddayadda... some people came by, took it and posted it on their stream as if it was THEIRS.
You know, if somebody likes a picture and he/she asks politely I would really think about letting him/her use it. But blatantly stealing it and marking it as their own (which means: not marking it as mine) is what is really annoying.
So, what to do? As almost all of them (at least at Flickr) are kiddies, I wont do nothing and get over it. But there are some pro accounts there where I suppose some smart dudes behind. This one will get a shotdown notice from Flickr/Yahoo. And if I get to know that they made money with it... they wil get a bill. As simple as that.

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