Lightroom: controlled editing of the Histogram

Adobe Lightroom is an extremly powerfull tool when it comes to quickly editing/managing your pictures. Allthough his big brother Photoshop has much more editing possibilities, sometimes you just need some quick editing and retouches which can be done in Lightroom very easy and fast. No need to open Photoshop and creating layers and so on.
One thing I discovered while working with Lightroom is the possibility of editing the Histogram of the picture right out of the Histogram itself! If you don´t know what the Histogram is... well, in a few words it´s the graphical overview of the tonal distribution of the image. Actually, it´s a very important tool for checking if your image has its range of colour/light optimally set. If you don´t know about it and you want to get your images to an upper level of quality you should get in touch with this topic.
So, back to Lightroom: when you open your picture in the Develop Module you will find the Histogram on the upper right side:

Lightroom Histogram
Normally you would now begin to move the sliders Exposure, Recovery, Fill Lights and Blacks in order to rearrange the tonal distribution of your image and check the Histogram to see what happens.

Well, there is another way. Actually it´s the other way around:

instead of moving the sliders and checking the Histogram you can rearrange the Histogram out of the Histogram itself! Just move your mouse over the Histogram and you will see that depending on which part of the Histogram you are on (which cassually are exactly the four regions Exposure, Recovery, Fill Lights and Blacks) you´ll be able to edit the region by just pressing your mouse-button and sliding to left or right:

This is a good tip for quickly rearranging your tonal distribution and optimize it. Of course you can still do it with the sliders underneath but this method is more intuitive. Have fun!

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