Inspiring Photo-Albums on Google+

As you may have noticed my blog hasn't been updated for a long time... the reason is actually very simple: since the launch of Google+ (of which I got to be one of the first generation users during the Beta-Phase) I´ve spent much of my online time on that network. It has became a great source of inspiration and information, specially for photographers! If you´re not already into Google+ and you´re a photographer: you should! I´ve never experienced a more genuine and pleasant place for sharing and contribuiting about photography before. If you want a starting point for getting contacts, just add me and you´ll find many, many great togs in my profile.

My Photo-Album at Google+ 
But now to the point of this post: if you´re looking for some great photography-albums whit truly inspiring and amazing photography, take a look at this site!

More info about Google+ here.

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