Google+ Pages - Introduction

Yesterday Google+ rolled out the brand new Google+ Pages. This new feature allows G+ members to create a new "profile page", but there are some slight differences:

- Pages can´t add people to circles until the page is added first or mentioned
- Pages can be made for a variety of different entities whereas profiles can only be made for people
- The default privacy setting for elements on your page profile is public
- Pages have the +Button
- Pages can´t +1 other pages, nor can they +1 stuff on the Web
- Pages can´t play games
- Pages don´t have the option to share to 'Extended circles'
- Pages don´t receive notifications via email, text, or in the Google bar
- Pages can´t hangout on mobile device
- Local Pages have special fields that help people find the business' physical location

Pages are extremly easy to build up and most of the Big Business (Pepsi, H&M, The Muppet Show, ABC News, etc.) have already done so. Seems like they were just waiting for it :-)

So, what are Pages then? Well, in my opinion, they are focused business profiles. The advantage for them are obvious:

1) For the Big Businesses (Industry, Media, Services, etc.) the Pages are a no-brain. No better way to get in touch with the G+ users. They can extend their network and interact with customers easily. Actually very similar to the Facebook Fan-Pages...
2) For Little Businesses (Individuals, Small Services, Individual Sellers, etc.) Pages offer the chance to build up a reputation, create a network and do Marketing at little cost. Communication with customers will be easy.
3) For One Time Shots (Campaigns, Happenings, Parties, Events, Social Moves, etc.) Pages are great: easy and fast to build up, easy and fast to delete. If the Manager has built up a big community (Circle) it will be possible to reach many people with just a click.
4) For Photographers (individual ones) Pages offer a interesting opportunity on G+: many (actually the most I´ve ever seen on a Social Platform) are very active on G+ and have build up extremely big Circles. This Circles are almost to 100% full of fellow Photographers or People who like images. But... are this Circles the right target for a Photographer making business? I guess NOT. Photographers make their business selling Rights, selling the Use of an Image. Will this fellow photographers in their Circles buy these? Probably not...

So, for interacting and communicationg about the Photography Topic this Circles they have build up since the beginning of G+ (which is only some months old) are really great and cool. No better place to talk about it and get useful information. But sales are not going to happen within them.

Pages now offer the (professional) Photographers the chance to create a new Profile focusing on Business. This does not mean that they will have to share their posts twice (Private Profile and Business Page), it means they will have the possibility of focusing their Posts to the right target audience, which in this case would be Editorials, Designers, Stock Images Agencies and so on. The one who will probably PAY for the images.

Pages are still only some hours old, so there is much to explore right now. But it could actually become the next Big Thing on G+ for business oriented Photographers.

For the time beeing this one is my Page:

The Page is not ready now, but you gotta begin somehow!
If you´re interested in Photography, specially Stock Photography... add me :-)

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