Find my pictures online - Chrome Extension

So, Google has realeased some months ago the possibility of tracking pictures online in their serach engine. You would just drag and drop a picture into the search box and it would show you the results.
Allthough a cool way to find uses of your images online, I found it a bit tedious having to have two separate windows open in order to drag the images from the one (original) to the other one (search window)...
Chrome Extension: search by Image for Google
Now, if your are using Chrome as your internet browser you can just add this tiny Extension from the Chrome Web Store and just right click on the picture and it will automate the search. NO more dragging... just clicking!

I have Tineye installed, too. So this one is just another alternative for tracking your images online. Funny: searching for one image with both searching tools gives you different results... so, it´s not a bad idea to try them both.

I think both tools are great for photographers, specially stock photographers, to track their images online and check the uses. You never know.... as you can see in my Blog Post before.

The Chrome Extension can be found here.

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