Amazing: be in the middle of the movie!

There has been a lot of development in the 3D-Area of cinematography. Google was one of the first to implement it into their Google-Maps, Streetview-Option. When using it you can scroll around and get a 360° view of the area you´re in. Looks great, but it´s still kind of clumsy and will surely get better in the next years. So, what they did was to stitch different still pictures, taken from different angles to give the viewer a sense of 360° feeling.
Today while scrolling through Google+ posts I found this amazing development of this idea... but it goes further: it does not only stitch still images... nope... it stitches VIDEO in an amazing way! You can watch the video and turn around while the movie is running. Kind of beeing in the middle of the happening.

Watch it here: http://www.yellowbirdsdonthavewingsbuttheyflytomakeyouexperiencea3dreality.com/showreels/

I believe this technique will take us into another big step of videography! Next time you watch a movie... you could be in the middle of the action... watch out for the zombies! :-)

 *UPDATE* Talking about 360° views, here´s a pretty toy for making it with still images:

More info here! Quite nice :-)

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