Tutorial: stacking for wider focus range - Video

Specially when doing Product Photography from small items (for example jewels, watches, etc.) you will often get the problem, that the Depth of Field will often be too small in order to get the whole item (from the beginning to the end) sharp. Even if you go down to f22 or smaller... it wont be enough - and you might not have enough light power. Difraction may come, too...

Of course there are special Lenses (Macros) for this purpose, but besides of being expensive they have their limits, too. So, isn´t there another solution for this prob?

The answer is YES.

The process is called "Focus Stacking": The item is then shot with slightly different focus lengths and afterwards the software stacks (merges) the whole set of pictures using as an merge-indication the sharpest parts of the pictures. By doing this you may then artificially increase the Depth of Field and thus the Sharpness of the depictured item.

Fellow Photographer Alex Koloskov has made a very informational video tutorial about the way he handles focux stacking. This is his video tutorial:

Focus stacking (bracketing) technique in photoshop. from Alex Koloskov on Vimeo.

Take a look at it, it´s actually very easy to understand and use. His whole blog is actually worth reading!

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