The Story behind the Microsoft Windows XP Wallpaper "Bliss"

I always wondered who made the photograph of the green hill with the white clouds which adorns (or should I say adorned...) thousands... no... millions (!) of desktops through the lifecycle of Windows XP as an OS. It even has got its own Wikipedia Article! By the way... there you can also check how the place looks on a not "perfect" day :-)

Well, today a got a link to an interview with the Photographer Charles O'Rear, who actually took the picture and sold the rights to Microsoft. Allthough no information about the deal has been disclosed... I wonder how many cents he would have gotten if he had made a Rights Managed Licence out of it... just 1 Cent per sold Win XP...

Nope... I don´t wanna know... no... nope... the weekend is too close :-)

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