Trying new things out: Timelapse Photography

As a curious Photographer I am always searching for new ways to visually present my work and improve my knowledge in the imagery area. One interesting method is the so-called "Timelapse Photography". What is it? Well, actually it is a visual presentation of a serie of pictures of mainly the same subject/place taken within certain time intervalls. Then you put the single pictures one after the other in a video file and present them. The achieved effect is very interesting and you may have seen it many times in the media, for example when showing the weather changes within a day or the traffic in a city during the day:

Photographer Nicole Young has put a very nice tutorial in Youtube showing how to achieve this effect using a DSLR and Lightroom:

And part 2 here:

But you can even go further and create some awesome videos like this here:

And the final product here:

Well, this one isn´t one you can do for yourself in one day... but it shows what very impressing effects you can make cross-walking the media Photography and Video!

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