Still/Video Convergence: Alexx Henry's 'Living Art'

VIV Mag Interactive Feature Spread - iPad Demo from Alexx Henry on Vimeo.

Hmmm... with the venue of the tablet-pc (Ipad and the likes) I am sure that the whole landscape of publishing, specially the magazines, will change drastically in the next years.

As I walk around the city I see more and more people (all ages) holding a mobile device and interacting with it. Not only talking and writing SMS or emails (which means they are having a dialogue), but also just consuming (which means they are having a one-direction monologue) news, articles and posts. So, you can now say "what´s the difference? People have always been consuming one-directionally contents like magazines and newspapers!"... well, that´s true and this will not change. BUT... the contents will change! Because of the limited media options paper has (obviously...) traditional publishing can only offer 2-dimensional, non-sensorial (just the eyes) contents, i.e. static pictures and text. The new media devices are capable of crushing this limit and offer almost unlimited ways of presenting the contents (static pictures, text... + video, sound and even sensorial, when the little thing beginns to vibrate).

This article at PDN shows some new possibilities publishing companies will have in order to offer their contents to the consumer. In the depicted case the topic of a magazine is featured with short "living pictures"... not movies, but kind of video-teasers which illustrate the topic via dynamic pictures containg interaction possibilities (buttons). So, the reader/viewer has the choise to go deeper into the content or not, as traditionally as if he would choosing which page to read in a conventional magazine.

So... what does this all have to do with photography? Pretty simple: I am sure the demand of the publishing companies for still photographies will always stay, there will always be a need for static pictures, ´cause not everybody wants to consume "moving pictures" (aka video) and there will be always products which because of physical constraints aren´t able to offer other contents (books, calendars, postcards, posters, etc.). BUT I think the demand for this new kind of visual appealing products will increase in the future (as the grwoing proliferation of the mobile media devices, too) and will bite a big chunck off the market the traditional photography has had till now. Photographers will have to expand their skills beyond the production of stills and adventure into new sectors like video or at least produce pictures which can be used for it. At last, as a photographer you are an educated visual artist... and the visual scope does offer many different sectors beyond the stills.

Time to explore new ways of presenting the world your visual impressions!

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