SpiderPic: a smart way to compare prices!

Surfing around the net I found this quite new (at least for me) way of searching the microstock-agencies for certain pictures: SpiderPic.

Ok, a search-engine that searches diferent stock-agencies isn´t something really new... BUT this one also lets you compare the different price tags of the same images in the different agencies! If you do a bit of research you will notice that you may actually pay for the same picture and the same usage (mostly RF) very different prices depending on the agency you choose to buy from. This clearly has something to do with the different paying modalities (pay per picture, subscription plans and so on), but you can also compare the different pricing policies that the agencies are applying. It´s not quite perfet yet (beta-stadium) and it only searches the main microstock agencies... but it´s quite interesting! Give it a try :-)

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