Photographers be aware... Facebook!

Just as an update to my blog about watermarking your photographies or not... here is the last piece of information I have gotten today through Twitter. It´s specially important for those photographers who also have a Fan Page on Facebook. Please be aware that Facebook has made an update to their picture features: before this update was alive the pictures you uploaded to your gallery on Facebook were automatically resized to a standard Lo-Res size (independent of the size you uploaded your picture). Now, with the update alive, if you upload a big picture (more resolution) anybody will be able to download this Hi-Res version of your work. So, if you don´t watermark and upload a big size picture... actually you´re giving it away for free. Even people that are not logged in can download them.

With so many photographers using Facebook as a marketing tool they should rethink about watermarking their pictures or at least uploading just a small-size version of it.

Here is the video post made by Mpacphoto.com today:

Part of my workflow is to create different sizes of the pictures (with & without watermarking) when I am ready, depending of the use I will give them. Perhaps you should do the same...

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