Photo-Diagramm: a great online tool!

Perhaps you have seen this fancy diagramms showing the setup of the lightning and accesoires used for a shooting and asked yourself: hey, I wanna make this kind of diagramms myself, too! Well, here is a online tool which is perfect for this!
Go and Check this one and then you´ll be able to create this ones:

It´s very easy to use and you get a lot of items to move around and depict the setup. I actually use it and often save them with the pictures I took in order to remember how I did the lights for a certain shoot. After printing them you can write some notes on them, for example the ratios you used.

I like it :-)

p.s. if you like it more complicated... check this one :-)

p.s.s. and if you want to really impress the world about how "mobile" you are

... well, then you may use this one! (picture of mobiles courtesy of www.strobox.com)

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Eric hat gesagt…

Do you know abou any other interesting iPhone Apps for photography ?

Nice posting by the way.