Should I even stay in the photography business

Interesting post from Beate Chellete in the Black Star Rising Blog talking about the actual state of the photography business and the state of mind a photographer should have IF he wants to stay in business:

Well, as far as the state of mind concerns I totally back her up... but things are getting hard, specially when working through stock agencies. You can read the opinion of the veteran Jim Pickerell about this topic here in his post "Why full-time stock-photographers are an endangered species".
As far as I am concerned I really think that the times of only relaying on your stock portfolio as your only income source are gone... but, this should be seen as a wake-up call for diversifying your income sources as a photographer and engaging in other venues related to imagery. There are sooo many different fields where you can still be creative, passionate about your love to photography and images... and still beeing able pay your bills. It´s all about looking out for them and not letting your head down only because a door seems to be closing... if it does, look for another one. Be flexible, be curious, be active... and open your eyes and mind!

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