Nasca Lines: The Hummingbird

Nasca lines: the hummingbird, ursprünglich hochgeladen von Latin-Point

This is one of the symbols (know as the Nasca Lines) carved in the sand of the desert of San Jose, department of Ica in Peru. It is assumed that this ancient drawings were made by the Nasca culture around 100 and 600 AD. Allthough known by habitants and diverse travellers through many years, they became officially "discovered" in 1941 by Paul Kosok. The german Maria Reiche spent her whole life trying to figure out what the meaning of this symbols were. Until now, there is no certain explanation for their existence. Some believe it was an astronomical calender others believe it was a religious cult. Allthough some of this drawings can been seen by standing on a watch-tower, the best way to admire them is by flying over them. This Picture was taken from a plane at 500 meters altitude.

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