Affordable triggers? RadioPopper is coming!

While working with strobes in the studio a photographer can control the light almost perfectly, there are some other occasions where you would like to have this control but not having to carry and setup the whole technical bang. Herefore you can use mobile strobes or... just your plain-vanilla Flash-units. Allthough you wont have the power of the strobes, you can achieve some very good results with´em, as you can see in the Strobist Blog. Now, in order to trigger your units you will need some connection between your camera and the flashes. A very cheap solution is to connect them via cable... and keep on falling over them or struggling with the "little black snakes". Another solution is to use the high-priced Pocket Wizards (over 200 EUR) wich are the standard for professional Photographers. On the other price-spectrum you have the cheap "Ebay triggers" made in asia by Gadget Infinity called "Cactus". Latter ones are priced around 30 EUR each. But... you have to live with the fact that they don´t always trigger right... or not at all.
Now there is a new product coming to the market: the RadioPopper! This triggers are ment to be priced just between the Pocket Wizards and the Cactus and promise to offer the high-professional advantages for a reasonable low price. Right now the guys of RadioPopper are fullfilling the last technical and administrative details (broadcasting radio signals can be a very complicated issue as far as law is involved!) and have announced this new gadgets to come out this summer!
As I am personally looking for a better solution for triggering my flash-units I will report on them as fast as I get to grabb them :-)

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